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Congratulations on your first step to better health.   Often we make resolutions and promises to ourselves and we need assistance to be successful.    Resolving to make your body work better is a challenging task.  By staying motivated and getting Energized in Peace © You will find your path more clearly aligned.   No Mountain is too tall when your body is fit for function and fun!   Resolution Bodyworks gives you tools and freedom of movement to help achieve your goal.  Start Today.

Why Holistic Massage and Athletic Training?

If you want results you choose a winning combination.   Athletic Trainers have traditionally been servicemen and women with military discipline and known for fast track rehabilitation.   Holistic massage therapy allows for a natural healing progression that is custom to each body, and considerate of heart and sound mind.  Wellness can be the result of energy medicine, biomechanical refinement, and athletic ambition.  Resolution Bodyworks practicioners have over 10-20 years of experience in therapeutic modalities, somatic therapy and lifetime training for your benefit to help you break down the obstacles and feel stronger. 

Building immunity means beating stress.

In today's high stress society getting back to basics, accountablity for physical fitness, and taking time to relax is a necessity for disease prevention.

Regular massage therapy and energy bodywork is key

  •  to maintaining a high level of functional fitness.
  • for improvement of mental clarity and refocus on yourself
  • for productivity at work and enjoyment of family time
  • to improve your quality of life
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